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MTS Software Solutions is a proud member of COSTARS. Here's a way to do more with less: MTS document management solutions that streamline processes, eliminate paper, and allow multiple stakeholders to have secure access to a file at the same time.

Government Solutions Division. In today's financial climate, with budget on everyone's mind, we maximize value by using relevant government-off-the-shelf open-source software and innovative future-focused approaches to building functionality. We get

Aug 31, 2017 - My Council Services suite by iTouchVision is tailored to the needs of public sector governance. It assists the transformation in working processes and operations for optimised citizen service delivery. With our platform-independent int

Manage projects, sites, consents and in-the-field resources with one powerful solution from JAVLN™ that integrates facets of local government operations.

Governments, by definition, are responsible for providing a wide range of social and environmental services, and their IT systems typically include multiple data sources, spanning multiple industry sectors. Whether at the municipal, regional, or nati

Delivering the best-in-class software solutions for integration, service-oriented architecture, big data and business process management.

The iCompass suite of local government solutions helps government leaders achieve their goals of transparency, efficiency and serving citizens better.

OnBase federal, state and local government software streamlines paper-based processes with government document management solutions, or enterprise content management.

For government entities and licensing agencies, real-time web-based functionality provides instant updates, reports, and management tools.

Coupa is uniquely positioned to help all levels of government better manage spend by simplifying processes, increasing efficiency and control, and keeping spend on-contract. Coupa's unified cloud platform is trusted by leading organizations around th

Details. Start date 27-07-2011. Finish date 25-07-2014. (Please note that Local Government Software Application Solutions RM865 has now expired - see Local Authority Software Applications RM1059 for current solutions available). Framework Definition.

Government & Public Sector. Today's economic climate is very tough, especially with dropping revenues, shrinking of budgets, and never-ending demand from customers. The operating and managing role of the Government and Public Sector has become all th

Transformative Government Software Solutions. Our cutting-edge government licensing, permitting, and inspections solutions will save your agency time, money, and increase your efficiency, helping you to reach your full potential.

Snowbound Software provides powerful document viewing and conversion technology that makes it easy for government agencies to view and process electronic files. Since The Freedom of Information Act was amended to include electronic versions of record

Manage Government World Events with EventsAIR providing high security and powerful processes such as data isolation, access control management and accreditation.

NetU is specialized in Public Sector, offering solutions that cover the full spectrum of a public organization. With extensive experience in software, hardware and network technologies, combined with our proven experience in Project Management and ou

Intelex software solutions help government agencies ensure the safety of employees, maintain compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and reduce risk.

Social Solutions gives human services professionals a better way to collect data on the services they provide with Apricot and ETO Software.

Government Software Solutions tailored for Local, State and Federal government. Procurement, contract management, Risk & more. Get a demo today.

ASTS offers Government Inventory System Software Solutions that have proved to make it easier to manage, track, and report government property and GFE inventory.